!?instructions>Max Haarich,Embassy of the Republic of Užupis to Munich, Germany

Dear Madam or Sir, Please find attached the "instructions" by the Embassy of the Republic of Užupis to Munich.

"Užupis is a self-declared independent artist republic founded 1997 in Vilnius (LT). It was established as a counterculture to challenge and support the authorities' promises of freedom and democracy after the breakdown of Soviet Union. At the same time it was a desperate attempt to create a sense of unity within a neighbourhood formerly dominated by poverty and violence. With the help of arts and humour, Užupis managed to survive and eventually became a role model for friendly and tolerant community life. The citizens developed a unique ethical world view, which is best articulated in its constitution. Since 1997 more than 500 ambassadors and honorary citizens worldwide were appointed like Jonas Mekas and his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The ambassadors have the task to build bridges between people.

The Embassy of the Republic of Užupis builds bridges between the arts and the tech world to make innovations more inspired, accessible, and ethical. It is the only arts organisation actively engaging in European policy making on AI. They organize talks, discussions and workshops, where layman and experts can exchange ideas and actively shape our future with technology."

Warmest, Max Ambassador Embassy of the Republic of Užupis

Partner of EU AI Alliance | Member of German Association of the United Nations | Member of Gesellschaft für Digitale Ethik

Artist Statement

"There is no vaccine yet."


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