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vita and artist statement of Jeremy Gluck

Completed my MArts at Swansea College of Art, now working as a neurodiverse fine artist in photography, performance, digital art, film, installation and mixed media. Uncompromising works confront the viewer, encouraging a physical, sensitive, or conceptual experience of each. Radical artistic engagement is the mission statement. Embracing pre-conceptual mind-language art. In my work I try to enfold concepts and realities and involve the viewer in a way that is physical and authentic to function following form in a work. My background is multidisciplinary, spanning, writing, music, and art. Influenced by Metzger, the Fluxus artists, Bacon, William Burroughs, and the Beats, my aspiration is to communicate visually so that the viewer is part of a unitive, experiential energy, merging space, place and meaning.

"IWL Manifesto - I will bring you Light - you will bring me Love1" of Jeremy Gluck


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